Data Storage Services

data is an important asset, we help you plan your disaster recovery plan. Dont run your business without one.

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A passion for data security

Our weekend packages help start up businesses with data protection

Data Backups

Experienced with data backup and restoration.

Continuous Support

Affordable packages to help keep you operational.


We offer hybrid data solutions to fit your needs.


on your data insights and visualization to make data driven decisions for growth.

Project Management

We use a sprint approach to your data lifecycle.

cloud based

When you need your data right away, we deliver your data within 24 hours of request.

Start Ups

Our goal is to help you run with corporate level appeal.

Start Up Events

  • Collaborate with other start ups
  • Showcase your projects.
  • Network for referrals.
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  • information security Articles.
  • special events
  • Exclusive access to data insights.

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.” – Tim Berners-Lee

Michelle Little

CEO, MDDataViz

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